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Transform Your Home With New Windows

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Nothing makes such a noticeable difference in how your home looks and feels than windows and doors. The right selection can not only help save energy and reduce maintenance, but also provide unique ways to express yourself and how you live.

As today's manufacturers introduce more styles and advancements in glass technology, cladding and accessories, selecting windows to custom-fit fit both your taste and lifestyle is easier than ever. Whether you're building a new home or remodeling, try these tips to infuse a little fun into your window shopping and help you design a wall plan like the pros.

1.  Imagine the possibilities.
Homeowners often create floor plans to maximize space and showcase their personal style. Why not do the same for your walls? A new online wall planning design tool makes it easy for anyone to discover custom options for their home. Whether you've got the vision of Frank Lloyd Wright or don't know a casement from a double-hung, you can create window and wall designs that reflect your personal style from thousands of possible combinations.

2. Look beyond form to consider function.
While style is important, it is also important to select features that will make your windows easier to live with. Most windows now feature energy-saving Low-e glass, but today's high-performance products also feature low-maintenance exteriors and, in some cases, glass that helps to reduce dirt build-up and stays cleaner longer, such as Andersen High-Performance Low-E4 glass. This glass actually dries faster and reduces water spotting up to 99 percent when activated by sunlight. In addition, the latest screen technologies can create less-obstructed views of surrounding scenery. These types of products can reduce maintenance as well as reduce cleaning supply usage and run-off.

3. Avoid extra costs.
Purchasing windows is a major investment, and the products you select will be with you for a long time. Avoid long-term maintenance costs and performance problems by choosing a trusted brand and reputable contractor upfront. If financing windows are a much-needed but distant dream, try looking for special offers to help foot the bill. Through October 31, 2007, homeowners who visit can enter to win up to $25,000 of installed Andersen products, including the new TruScene insect screens that provide clearer views of outside while protecting the inside of your home.  

4. Know your type.
Windows vary in form and function depending on which window type you choose. Simplify your decision-making process by understanding the individual benefits of the different window families. Casements, for example, provide unobstructed views, while double-hungs are more traditional. Awning windows, when placed high on a wall, can provide light to a room while maintaining privacy and allowing ventilation during light rain showers. Regardless of what window style you choose, be sure to choose ones that match both your home's surroundings and design.

5. Personalize with the details.
Finishing touches on windows and patio doors will enhance your home's architecture and offer a more refined look. Art glass panels splash color inside, while grilles arranged in a pattern can add traditional character or contemporary flair. Latches and handles that match the home's décor are natural finishing touches.

With a few guidelines at your fingertips, choosing new windows can be both fun and rewarding for years to come.  For more tips and expert help on choosing windows, visit and click on "Learn."

Qualifying for an affordable mortgage has grown as an issue for most buyers.  If a seller is considering putting money into the home in order to boost the sale price, this might be a bad strategy.  A buyer who is squeezed  financially might be willing be bend on amenities to lower their monthly payment.  The buyer can do the fixing-up later when he or she has the money to do so.  A seller should consider how much the improvements would cost relative to how much they would boost the bottom line; it might be wiser to market your home as a “fixer upper”. 

Furthermore, at the lower price, the buyer’s equity may cover more of the down payment, helping them to get a better rate. Today, buyer’s top priority is affordability…not necessarily stainless steel appliances.  Remember, while builders can afford to throw in amenities at cost, most sellers cannot.